clothing basic set for travelling

I used to take a complete set of underwear consisting of a T-shirt, underpants and socks with me for every day of travel. 

In the meantime I can make this much more comfortable and efficient, regardless of whether I am on the road for two days, a week or several weeks. I have found a way to always travel with the same set of basic clothes.

This set consists of:

One half on the body, the other in the Packing Cubein the backpack

Complete set of basic travel clothes

From a suitcase trip to a small cube of a few clothes. What has changed?

  • I have discovered Merino cloth for myself, which are suitable for a much longer wearing time because of their odour-inhibiting property. They also dry incredibly quickly and are a perfect companion in summer and winter. Compared to cotton clothes, merino clothes are extremely light and thin, so they hardly wear in your luggage.
  • Similar to merino wool, anti-odour sockscan be worn longer without smelling and are very space-saving due to their low sneaker profile.
  • Hand wash! The real trick is that every day I wash a few clothes with hand detergentin the sink.

I used to shy away from washing my clothes on the way. I always had the picture in front of my eyes of clothes that have to dry on the leash for a long time, but with merino wool it’s not like that anymore.

Now that I have done this for the first time, I have to say that it is super pleasantly simple and doesn’t cost me 5 minutes a day. Meanwhile it just goes along with it:

  • Fill a sink with warm water and add a few ml of detergent.
  • Press the clothes under the water and soak for 10 minutes. Move a little from time to time but do not knead or walk.
  • Then just drain off the water and squeeze the clothes slightly to get the coarsest water out. Do not rinse the clothes with Eucalan detergent! It is a “leave in detergent”.
  • Roll the clothes into a towel and let them lie briefly so that the water can be sucked out of the clothes.
  • Lay out the clothes flat to dry.

Watch it! Merino clothes require a special detergent. No sharp detergents that break down the odour-inhibiting enzymes of wool. After some research I came across Eucalan, which works for merino clothes and also cotton. I have also no problems with the skin what is important with a “leave in” detergent, because parts of the detergent should remain in the clothes so that the lanolin in the detergent can care for the fibers of the wool.

I personally expect about 4ml detergent for each day of travel. So you can fill the appropriate amount into a container before the trip.

How low can you go?

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