How to Organize the bathroom

In the bathroom there are several containers for shampoo, shower gel, soap etc.. Accumulated.

For almost every article there is already a replacement product next to it.

I was very annoyed by the large number of containers and therefore I came up with a strategy to correct this “disorder”.

I transfer the liquids into my own containers and for each product I need, I have obtained a container that holds twice the amount of the product it is supposed to replace.

For example, the packaging size of my Conditioner is 250ml. The container into which I refill my conditioner needs 500ml.

As soon as the filling level in the glass drops below 50%, I can order a refill product with the next order and then transfer it completely into the glass container.

With this strategy:

  • Is always enough time left to get a refill product.
  • There are never again packages in the bathroom “on heap”, waiting to be opened.
  • I can create a uniform look in the bathroom.

In the bathroom, I mainly chose brown glass dispensers because they look chic and are available in almost all sizes.

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